“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”


“A goal without a plan is just a wish” may not always be true, but as a travel agency, we understand that planning a good trip puts you in the position to have a more valuable and fulfilled travel experience. So we’d like to remind you of the importance of planning for the future NOW. […]

Families that Travel Together Stay Together


Traveling solo is exhilarating, but during the holidays, it’s nice to be anything but alone. Green Earth Travel wants to talk about the perks of traveling with your family as well as where to go during the season! Perks: Family Holiday Travel Packages are often cost efficient. Cruise lines during their “off season,” for instance, […]

Thoughts on September 11th


Where were you 13 years ago on this day? Donna Zeigfinger, founder of Green Earth Travel, was making an airline reservation for a new client. 30 minutes later, she cancelled. Donna also had a client, Lisa, stuck in Canada. She had to take a bus home. Donna worried about one client thinking he was flying […]

Childless Getaways


Children can be hysterical, adorable, and even inspiring, but there are some places that bring out their antsy and rather demanding side, especially when it comes to travel. It’s only natural to desire a childless getaway, and for the sake of this topic, we want to recommend destinations and travel ideas that are more fit […]

Pack Smart


Cabin in Arizona I love packing for a trip. It builds anticipation and excitement for the journey ahead, but it can be stressful because there is often a fear that you’ve forgotten something or the space in your luggage is too tiny to make sense of. Fear not. Green Earth Travel has some packing tips […]

Go With The Flow


It’s a breeze to go with the flow if you find yourself in the windy city of Chicago. That’s exactly where Green Earth Travel voyaged out to this past weekend when we visited one of the largest vegetarian festivals in North America.Vegetarian festivals are always a good place to find free samples that are not […]