The Ailing Airplane


In recent years, airplanes have been exposed and their filth, revealed. I pride myself on my outstanding immune system; I rarely feel under the weather. To that end, I manage to fly the air without bringing a cold home. After international flights, however, I’m not always so lucky. Let’s face it. With the small enclosed […]

Language Apps


To piggyback off the last post, we thought we’d share some of our favorite free language translation applications we use when we travel to foreign lands. Translator with Speech: With over 54 languages to choose from, this application is very much like iMessage. It also picks up words and phrases very easily in the audio […]

Say what?


If you think you can travel without a basic knowledge of your destinations’ native languages, you should give it another thought. Westernization has definitely made an impact across the world. Travelers are aware that finding a locally-made souvenir is already a challenge. Even major cities have gradually and in some places abruptly adopted the English […]

Safety First


This last week in Chicago has been pretty eventful. I was about to hop out of a cab the other night when a woman frantically jumped in and yelled that she had just been mugged. She also said she was punched in the head and started to file a police report. Since my friend and […]

Intrigued in Indiana


In view of the fact that I’ve been suggesting fall travel destinations, I thought I’d include a city I recently visited, two days ago! Indianapolis, Indiana is a perfect fall destination. We grabbed breakfast at Cafe Patachou- such hearty & quality breakfast food. Our server made some local recommendations like checking out Indiana’s parks and […]

Throwback Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving is an ideal time to visit with family while sharing your love for Grandma Lena’s homemade mashed potatoes, but we have a better idea. Wouldn’t it be fun to do a Throwback Thanksgiving where it all began, in Plymouth, Massachusetts? Where it all began: Maybe. Plymouth, Massachusettes is home to Plymouth Rock, the Pilgrim […]

I’ll be leaving in the fall, oh!


Autumn is upon us, and there are so many great places across the world that amplify the beauty of the fall. My suggestion? As a person from north Georgia, I’d personally recommend cracking a beer and surrounding yourself in the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains by traveling to Asheville, NC. Asheville is known for being […]

Day of the Dead


Some of the best times to travel are during the holidays, but when we think “holidays”, we tend to focus on our own winter holidays. While we know different cultures celebrate different holidays, we would get so much out of traveling if we experience those foreign holidays first hand. Since our Halloween is coming up, […]

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”


“A goal without a plan is just a wish” may not always be true, but as a travel agency, we understand that planning a good trip puts you in the position to have a more valuable and fulfilled travel experience. So we’d like to remind you of the importance of planning for the future NOW. […]

Families that Travel Together Stay Together


Traveling solo is exhilarating, but during the holidays, it’s nice to be anything but alone. Green Earth Travel wants to talk about the perks of traveling with your family as well as where to go during the season! Perks: Family Holiday Travel Packages are often cost efficient. Cruise lines during their “off season,” for instance, […]