Crete The Vegan Way With Chef Jason Wyrick – August 3rd to the 9th, 2014

Crete – August 3rd to the 9th, 2014

Join us in Crete, one of the most vegan friendly areas of the Mediterranean, for a week of fine food, wine, beautiful ocean and mountains, cooking classes, and some of the best preserved historical sites in the world. Crete is famous both for its Greek and Minoan archaeological preserves and for its spectacular food which concentrates on pure, unadulterated ingredients harvested from the island itself.

Tour Highlights: 4 Vegan Cooking Classes, Cretan bread and wine-making, Pompeii, archaeological sites of Gortys, Phaestos and Knossos, Matala Caves, Vegan Food Tour of Heraklion, Argyroupolis natural springs, Boat Rides, the monasteries of Arkadi and
Odigitrias, and the women’s co-operative of Marathos.
Comforts: A spacious high-end villa overlooking the water (as seen in the picture), first-class transportation, and lots of wine.
Cost: $2,605.00 USD (does not include airfare or entrance fees to national parks and other sites)
Registration: To register, please contact Donna Zeigfinger  at 301 404-2892 or at
Full Itinerary
 Day 1- Pick up at Heraklion International Airport and check in at the Thalori dewinter_thalori1Heraklion Traditional Village, our home for the week.
 Day 2- A visit to the archaeological sites of one of the oldest cities in the world, Gortys, and the Church of St. Titus (the disciple of the Apostle Paul). After that, we head to Phaestos, and Knossos, the capital of Minoan Crete and the location for the myth of the Minotaur. This is followed by a cooking class in the evening.
 Day 3- We start with a visit to the Marathos Women’s Cooperative where we learn about (and taste!) traditional Cretan sweets and breads, then back to Thalori for our next cooking class.
 Day 4- Today we visit the monasteries of Arkadi andOdigitrias. These monasteries are cornerstones of the Eastern Orthodox Church and the monks of Arkadi also happen to produce their own olive oil. We then head back for an afternoon of relaxation followed by another cooking class.
 Day 5- Our daytime is spent seeing the sights and relaxing at the Argyroupolis natural springs and waterfalls. We then head to the Matala Caves. These caverns were excavated and turned into homes during the Neolithic period and then were occupied by the various people that lived on Crete and used by the Romans, as well. We finish off our daily excursion by relaxing at Zaros Lake. In the evening, we have our last cooking class!CreteLandscape
 Day 6- We’ll spend the day at the local wineries learning how to make wine and Crete’s national drink, raki. We’ll intersperse this with a vegan gastronomic tour ofHeraklion, the capital of Crete.
 Day 7 – Check out of Thalori Village, spend the day in Heraklion, and head to the Heraklion International Airport.

ThaloriCompound PoolThalori