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Welcome to our vegan travel store. Here we will be offering products from different but totally cruelty free travel products.

Azida Sunscreen with Hemp Oil

Trail & Hiking Boots Suntan Lotion VegDining Card

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Vegetarian Guides, the world’s leading publisher of vegetarian guidebooks.

maria book

This guide is your one-stop shop for vegan travel advice! You will gain valuable information on the vegan dining scene in each continent, restaurant search, vegan trips and accommodations, foods to take on your trip, questions to ask waiters, language translations, vegan world bakeries and fast food, train/cruise/airline meals, and much, much more!

Faux Ostrich luggage tags

Fashion has taken a wanderlustful turn with Pura Botanica’s peta-approved vegan travel essentials. This Travel Document Organizer and Luggage Tag set help you organize your passport, credit cards, dossier and more while communicating to the traveling masses that you know how to get where you’re going in style.